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We design our Handmade Wedding Invitations in Brighton, East Sussex. Our selection of Stationery is so elegant we supply anything to suit your theme. All our Wedding Invitations are bespoke, resulting in luxury wedding invitations. 

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Why Choose Handmade By me
We pride ourselves on revealing each client’s unique style and vision to design and coordinate unforgettable invitations. We can help with as few or as many details as you need, helping you through the process to create an atmosphere of ease and enjoyment as you plan your big day!

We work around the clock designing and crafting wedding invitations of the highest quality. During 2016 you can choose from a plethora of style options, from classy to cutting-edge, to suit your wedding stationery tastes.

Elegance Handmade Wedding Invitations

As important as budget is, realising that it’s not all about money. Flowers wilt, food and wine are consumed and a great party becomes a faded memory over time. However, aside from your attire, the photographs and wedding invitations are the only tangible reminder you will keep from the whole day. So it is worth investing in a good stationer who understands how you want to record your special day. Do not gamble with these memories by only considering price when you decide on your stationer.

Heart Wedding Invitations handmade by me


What we do 2016

Wedding invitations which we further compliment the day with Order of service for the Ceremony, Menus Table Plan, Table Names and Placecards for the Reception.

From Wedding to Christening, from Birth announcement and baby shower invitations to naming day invitations, either way, we will work with you to create a unique design for each stage of your day- be it a wedding, christening, or other special event our designs fit all of our client’s needs and definitely will exceed your expectations.

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